Door Lock Price in Pakistan

Door Lock Price in Pakistan Real Estate

In the past, when the times were good and the percentage of street crimes was low, people used to pay less attention to the door locks. If you ask your elders, they will tell you that the concept of door lock did not exist at their time.

However, now the dynamics have completely changed. Nowadays, whenever someone invests in a property, they think of its safety and security first.

Now if we talk about the safety and security of the property premises, high walls, and good quality gates, adding CCTV cameras, and sensors isn’t enough. Allow us to tell you that door locks are among the first security layers.

People are understanding this fact, and considering this they are investing in quality door locks. This is the reason the door lock market in Pakistan is also growing at a fast pace.

Let us tell you that other than traditional door locks, many other types of door locks are available in the market. Their price range is between 1000 PKR to 2000 PKR.

Are you interested to learn in detail about door lock types and door lock price in Pakistan? If so, we have compiled a list for you. Have a look at it!

Door Lock Price in Pakistan 2023

Standard Handle-Bar Door Lock Round Door Lock Magnetic Door Lock Digital Door Lock
Starts from PKR 800 Starts from PKR 700 Starts from PKR 2,000 Starts from PKR 15,000

Note: Keep in mind that these prices may increase or decrease as per the economic situation of the country.

Door Lock Types – Detail Explanation

Do you know anything about door lock types? If not, here are the details everyone must know!

Handle Door Lock

Handle door locks fall in the category of traditional locks. These locks are mainly installed on the doors present inside the home. Also, these are the locks that are mainly operated by hand.

If we talk about the handle door locks, you will find multiple designs in the market. You can use these locks in both residential and commercial properties. The handle door lock price in Pakistan is also low. As mentioned above in the chart it will cost you around PKR 800 or more as per the quality.

Lever Locks

If you are looking for locks that are more secure than lever locks is the option you can go with it. This is a type of lock that is mainly used in residential properties. You can install this lock at windows, doors, or even gates.

A proper key is used for this lock. When used it releases the lever locks which allows an individual to open the latch with ease.

Knob Locks

Knob doors are very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is turn the door knob to open and even close the door. This is another type of door that is also used in the doors inside the property.

The most traditional knob locks are the ones in which keys are used. However, there are some advanced types available in the market too. Such as electronic locks and those that come with different combinations.

The price of each lock also differs as per the quality and type.

Smart Locks

When the smart locks pop up, everyone thinks, what’s so special about them? It is not wrong to say that they are getting popular day by day similar to the smart cities of Pakistan, Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City Islamabad. They have a mechanism that is the best when it comes to improving security.

For smart locks, keys are not required. All you need is your cell phone, tablet, or computer for operations. You can use these locks in multiple places. Install it to secure your cupboards, doors, main gate, office doors, and so on.

However, allow us to tell you that the price of these locks in the market is a bit expensive for many. But as per experts, investing in these locks is the best for so many reasons.

Electronic Locks

The other type of lock that is quite famous these days is the electronic lock. An electronic lock system is used in these locks. A programmer is used in these locks which allows the person to enter or exit the premises when required. Keys are not used for these locks but a keypad or card reader is.

Biometric Locks

There is an advanced type of electronic lock which is known as a biometric lock. These are the locks that don’t require any key, card, or keypad. A person’s fingerprint, face scan, or other physical traits are used to open these locks.

The good thing about these locks is that it is not possible for anyone to duplicate them. This eventually means more safety and security. However, let us tell you that the price of these door locks is quite high in the market. But without a doubt, they are worth investing in.

When Is the Right Time to Change Door Locks?

Now people mainly have no idea when is the right time to change door locks. Well in many scenarios, the door locks must be replaced instantly, such as:

  • Whenever you move into a new house, it is necessary to change all the door locks. As you have no idea who has the keys to the house.
  • In case you lose the key to your main gate or even the front gate of the house or commercial property. It is better to change the entire lock instead of hiring a locksmith and asking him or her to make a duplicate key for you.
  • To improve the safety and security of the home, the door locks should be changed from time to time. It is because the thieves as time passes find the hacks to go through modern locks with ease. So, it is better to install the modern door locks of modern technology.
  • Furthermore, if your door locks are too old or are in bad condition, it is an indication you change the door locks instantly.


Now that you not only know the door lock price in Pakistan, its types, and the importance of door locks, it is time you decide which one suits the best for your property.

For example, if you are building a new house in Royal Orchard Multan, isn’t it better to go with modern and more secure options? If you agree, prefer smart door locks or electronic ones. In case you need assistance of any kind from the experts, feel free to hire them!

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