Commercial Construction Service – A Brief Introduction

Many assume that commercial construction services are the same as residential construction services. However, this is not the case.

When it comes to commercial construction services, there are many other considerations on which the individual needs to focus on. Now it is obvious that a common person will not know about the details, however, if you have a professional by your side things become easy to understand and implement.

So, this is a blog that is mainly for business owners, so they can understand everything about commercial construction services. Here you will learn the primary and subcategories of commercial work.

Commercial Construction Services Categories

The categories are:

General Contracting

When you hire a general contracting company, you don’t need to get in touch with multiple entities for different things. They do everything for you from providing construction materials to equipment, labor, and all the other services. There are multiple cases when the General contracting company is also responsible to manage or hire expert subcontractors. They hire subcontractors for different reasons, such as roofing, framing, painting, and so on.


Many don’t know the difference between pre and post-construction. Even though the difference between both is major. In the pre-construction process, the evaluation and establishment of every project happened. This is something that ensures that development happens on a solid base. Moreover, the project construction also goes at a steady pace without any issues. During the pre-construction phase, everything is done by the professionals so well, that it also helps in controlling the rates.

Construction Management

Now the question arises of what construction management is. Well, it is a process in which a concentrated managing system is applied to look into every aspect of the project. It is because keep in mind that planning everything beforehand is not enough. There are times when you need to make changes in the plan as per the need of time. It is where construction management plays a vital role.

Design Build

Now when you hire a construction company for commercial work, you prefer that they serve you in every manner. However, sometimes it doesn’t happen, and you have to deal with multiple contractors at a time.

But when you get in touch with a company that provides design-build service, things become easy automatically. They become responsible to communicate and even become accountable for everything. As they know the market and process. So, as a client you don’t have to worry.

Facility Maintenance

Once the construction project is complete, the process doesn’t end there. The need for maintenance is required. For that reason, facility maintenance services are introduced that take care of everything from building structures to other stuff.

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Commercial Construction Subcategories

Healthcare Construction
Office and Commercial-Use Construction
Retail and Franchise Construction
Restaurant and Food Service Construction
Fitness and Gym Construction
Space Planning and Permitting
Commercial Window Repair and Replacement
Commercial Door Repair and Replacement
Commercial Flooring
Commercial Painting and Drywall

Commercial Construction Cost in Pakistan

Now if you are new in the industry, surely you would like to know the commercial construction cost in Pakistan. Well, allow us to tell you that the cost varies as per the requirements, the types of commercial construction, the size of the construction, and so on.

Also, keep in mind that the cost of construction materials also plays a key role in increasing or decreasing the cost. To get an idea about the rates a bit easily, it is better to split everything into categories.

  • Construction Material
    • Cement
    • Steel
    • Sand
    • Crush
    • Bricks
  • Labor
    • Electricity
    • Labor
    • Plumbing
    • Steel Fixer
    • Outwork
  • Other Essentials
    • Electricity Items
    • Plumbing Items
    • Chips
    • Pipes
    • Mud

We are not mentioning the rates as it never stays the same. However, if you need information for your project, feel free to contact us, as we have a team and they will evaluate everything for you on the spot. Also, we promise you that we will give you the best price as compared to the market.


Now that you know the commercial construction service has a lot of steps. It is better to always look for experts for this job. The result of it is that you will successfully envision your dream commercial property without getting yourself in trouble.

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