Citi Housing Peshawar – Something Extraordinary in the Making

Peshawar is a historic city. It is famous for its food and of course Peshawari Chappal. Even though the city has so many specialties, still people assume it is too far behind when it comes to technology. People don’t have proper homes to stay and so on.

However, this is not the case, as Peshawar is evolving with time. The real estate market of Peshawar is better than ever. You get so many different commercial and residential investment options.

Now lately the project that is making quite a hassle in the market is City Housing Peshawar.  It is the latest project in the market. The project is designed properly and has everything investors and clients look for.

So, if you are among those planning to invest in a project that promises luxury, affordability, convenience, and high profits, Citi Housing Scheme Peshawar is your best bet.

Here you get multiple options, as the plot sizes are many. So whether you are looking for commercial or residential plots, we assure you that you will not get short of options and be able to bag a deal of your liking.

citi housing peshawar

Citi Housing Peshawar Location

The management of this residential project has done everything in its hand to ensure people don’t face difficulty locating the housing scheme.

Located close to the Peshawar ring road that emerges from the proximity of the M-1 motorway. This connectivity to two of the most esteemed roads enhances the chance of easy travel and accessibility with the rest of the city.

Now if we tell you about the project, it is only a few minutes away from Hayatabad Medical Complex, the DHQ Hospital, Peshawar Airport, and the University of Peshawar.

Also, if we talk about the public parks and other entertainment spots nearby, there are many around too.

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Closeby Landmarks

Nova City Peshawar – 1 Minute Drive
Nisatta – 4 Minute Driv
Charsadda – 5 Minute Drive
Nowshehra – 30 Minute Drive
Mardan – 34 Minute Drive
Access Peshawar City Area Within 25 Minutes
Bacha Khan International Airport – 40-Minute Drive
Access Hayatabad Medical Complex Within 45 Minute

Citi Housing Scheme Peshawar Developers

Citi Housing Peshawar developers are known and trusted in the market as they have done several projects before. Wondering who is the maker of this magnificent housing scheme.

The society is developed by no one else but Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd. Their aim is to provide the best residential facilities to all and even bring opportunities for those planning to start their business and looking for plots.

The previous projects done by Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd are:

Citi Housing Gujranwala
Citi Housing Jhelum
Citi Housing Kharian
Citi Housing Multan
Citi Housing Sialkot
Citi Housing Faisalabad

Citi Housing Peshawar NOC

This is something that many want to know. Investors and clients hesitate to invest in a project that is not approved by the concerned authorities.

So allow us to tell you that Citi Housing Peshawar NOC is not yet approved but soon you will hear some good news. The management of the project has sent all the relevant documents required to the PDA (Peshawar Development Authority). The management is hopeful that in a short amount of time, they will receive the approval.

Citi Housing Peshawar Master Plan

Would you like to know about the Citi Housing Peshawar master plan? If yes, let us share the details with you. The master plan of this project is designed and will be delivered with the utmost perfection.

Here you find the plot of multiple sizes be it commercial or residential as mentioned before. Even the amenities available in this housing scheme are world-class. You will not face any trouble regarding basic amenities, and so on.

Citi Housing Peshawar Plots

As mentioned many times previously, in Citi Housing Peshawar plots are of different sizes. So surely, you would like to know about the details.

If we talk about the plots available in a residential category, the details are:

3 Marla
5 Marla
7 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal

The plots are available in a commercial category are:

2 Marla
2.66 Marla
8 Marla

Citi Housing Peshawar Payment Plan 2023

Moving on to the payment plan, allow us to inform you that Citi Housing Peshawar payment plan is not thoroughly revealed yet. However, as per the management, there is no need to worry as the rates will be reasonable and each plot will come with an installment plan.

A few of the plot rate details given by the management are as followed:

<td1 Kanal

Plot Sizes 5 Marla 7 Marla 10 Marla
Down Payment 485,000 PKR 675,000 PKR 785,000 PKR 1,400,000 PKR
Total Price 2,495,000 PKR 3,595,000 PKR 4,405,000 PKR 9,250,000 PKR
QRTY Installment 210,000 PKR 310,000 PKR 615,000 PKR 1,285,000 PKR

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Range of Facilities Available in Citi Housing Peshawar

Now allow us to tell you about the facilities available in the Citi Housing Peshawar. The details are:

Secure Gated Community
24/7 Security System
Commercial Areas
Eco-Friendly Environments
Educational Institutes
Facing Parks & Theme Parks
Fire Station
Healthcare Facilities
Mini Desert
Modern Banks
Reserve Car Parking
Opera Cinema, Gyms, Zoo, and Many More
State of Art Infrastructure
Underground Electrification
Well Established Hospital

What Perks Will You Enjoy After Investing in This Project?

Given below are some of the perks of investing in a project like Citi Housing Peshawar:

Apartment Complexes

Citi Housing Scheme Peshawar is not only providing residential options for the investors in the form of houses and accommodations. Another contemporary addition to the real estate project is in the form of apartment complexes. These complexes are made with a vision to embrace high life quality. Not only it takes the living standards up a notch but also builds a comfortable lifestyle for the residents.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The society is helmed by world-famous designers who have meticulously crafted the entire masterplan of the society. From incorporating wide roads to ensuring underground utilities, this one has everything in its master plan. The master plan also includes a robust sewage system, thoroughly planned layouts, and carpeted roads. This enhanced infrastructure is also paving the way for better future investment prospects.

Promising ROI

No one can deny the security and safety that a real estate investment brings to the table. It is considered to be a promising investment venture because of its capital potential and revenue stream. The location, amenities, and developments, everything contributes to the betterment of the invested money. As the demand for better living opportunities continues to grow in Peshawar, Citi Housing Peshawar is serving as the perfect gateway to this need.

Future Prospects

Citi Housing Peshawar is an ambitious project which is a clear identification of a prosperous lifestyle. The current and pending developments in the city paint a clear picture of how well-put together the society is. The project is aiming to expand its horizons by enhancing commercial outreach, residential opportunities, and apartment complexes.

Community Facilities

Another key aspect of securing investment in a project like Citi Housing Peshawar is the availability of better community services. There are many things that this society promises in this context such as sports facilities, jogging tracks, landscaped gardens and properly maintained parks. This enhances people’s quality of life and offers an aesthetic outlook on society.

Safety and Security

For a project of this caliber and scope, security and safety measures are highly important for the society’s residents. The master plan of the society also includes security systems, CCTV surveillance, entrances, and professional personnel. These enhanced security measurements increase the prospects of society’s investment potential.

Better Location

Citi Housing Peshawar is located on Charsadda Road. This promising location offers better connectivity and is easily located in the heart of a city like Peshawar. These close-location prospects offer accessibility and immediate access to the basic life facilities in the nearby areas.

Summing Up!

A premier housing project that is built to bring ease to the life of the residents of Peshawar, Citi Housing Peshawar is a value-adding project that is a perfect balance of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces which are the talk of the town. In case you wish to learn more and are eager to secure an investment, then reach out to Property Street.


Who are the Developers of Citi Housing Peshawar?

Citi Housing Developers are the developers of Citi Housing Peshawar.

What is the Citi Housing Peshawar Location?

Citi Housing Peshawar is located on Charsadda Road.

Is Citi Housing Peshawar an Affordable Housing Project?

Yes, Citi Housing Peshawar is an affordable housing project.

Is Citi Housing Peshawar a Legal Housing Project?

The society will soon receive its NOC approval from the authorities.

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