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Yes, these days, when people look for housing schemes, they make sure it has all the modern amenities and basic facilities. However, the importance of all these things fades away if the location of the project isn’t prime. It is because the location is something that decides whether your investment will offer you a great return on investment or not. Considering this, developers make sure they pick a great location for their real estate projects.

Here if we are to talk about Blue World city in Islamabad, the developers have worked very smartly. They have chosen the location for the housing project that is accessible from multiple points, which you will learn in the blog further. 

Blue World City Islamabad Location Map

This RDA-approved mega project is located at an absolutely stunning location. The Blue World City Islamabad is situated at the Chakri Road that is quite close to the Rawalpindi Ring Road proposed recently.

This is something that makes this housing scheme accessible from multiple locations. The project is within close proximity to the following places:

Islamabad International Road
Adiala Road
Adial Central Road

Now there is a reason behind choosing this location, and that is the developers wanted to have the benefits of the CPEC project through M2 Motorway. 

However, don’t you think that this housing project is far away from other projects and even the city’s hustle and bustle? Garden Villas, Bahria Phase 8, and Gorakhpur housing scheme is quite close to this project.

Multiple Access Points of BWC Islamabad

The developers of this housing project are keen to offer luxury living to everyone. So, they tried to bring balance by separating city commotion, but at the same time, keeping everything close. 

As the project lies in between both twin cities, the access points are as follows:

Located at the Chakri road
From Sihal, Pind Malhu, Rawalpindi – 3 Mins Drive
From Race Club, Rawalpindi – 13 Mins Drive
From Chakro Toll Plaza, Rawalpindi – 13 Mins Drive
Qurtaba City, Punjab – 21 Mins Drive
From Capital City, Islamabad – 30 Mins Drive
From the International Airport of Islamabad – 31 Mins Drive
From the Rawalpindi – 32 Mins Drive
From Khanial Homes – 33 Mins Drive
From National Highway N-5, Rawalpindi – 48 Mins Drive
From the Rawat, Islamabad – 57 Min Drive
From the Saddar, Rawalpindi – 60 Mins Drive

Blue World City Islamabad Nearby Landmarks

The strategic location of Blue World City in Islamabad makes it eye candy for investors. If we talk about the nearby landmarks within close proximity of this project, they are:

DHA, Rawalpindi
Bahria Town, Rawalpindi
Bahria Enclave, Islamabad
Capital Smart City, Islamabad
Kingdom Valley, Islamabad
Avalon City, Islamabad
University Town
Top City
Mumtaz City

So, Now Is the Time to Enjoy a Great Return on Investment

Therefore if you are seeking real estate investment that is secure, stable, and promises a stunning ROI, then Blue World City is your ultimate destination. One of the primary reasons for this profitable investment opportunity is the location of the project. The Blue World City location map is the perfect representation of the project’s accessibility. 

Thus, book your plot today and enjoy the seamless benefits of quality real estate services!





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