What Is the Blue World City Distance from Islamabad?

Blue World City Distance from Islamabad Real Estate

Blue World City is one of the well-known projects. The location of this project is ideal as it is right at the intersection of twin cities. The developers of this renowned project also need no introduction, as they earned a great reputation in the real estate industry. BGC (Blue Group Companies) is the mastermind behind this project. Their project Blue World City in Pakistan is a project with a purpose. And that is to flourish tourism in Pakistan.

If we specifically talk about the location of BWC Islamabad, it is located close to New Islamabad Airport, Chakri Road. Due to its location, purpose, and other features, currently, this project is considered one of the best in real estate, especially in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Furthermore, in Blue World City, both commercial and residential properties are available for investors at a price that is pocket-friendly. This is a hint that developers are taking steps to serve everyone, be it the elite class or someone belonging to the middle class.

However, in this blog mainly, we will mainly talk about Blue World City’s distance from Islamabad.

Blue World City Distance from Islamabad

In the real estate project the location is crucial. In short, it matters the most. A similar is the case when it comes to BWC Islamabad. As Islamabad is the city where many want to move due to its landscape and peaceful environment. So, the investors are keen to know what is the Blue World City distance from Islamabad. Are you also keen to learn about this? If so, here are the details for you.

The distance of BWC from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, is not so far. The distance of Blue World City housing project from Islamabad is only a 33 min driveway. This is another reason people are so much interested in this project.

We’d also like to tell you that even from Rawalpindi, the distance of this housing scheme is almost the same. It will be around 32 min.

BWC Distance from Other Access Points

Now that you know the distance between BWC and Islamabad, why not learn about its distance from other access points?

From Chakri Road, the BWC Islamabad is also quite close. It is because the society is located beside Chakri Interchange. This close proximity between the two makes this project even more desirable. If you don’t know much about Chakri Interchange, allow us to tell you that it is on the M2 Motorway. This is something that will allow people from other cities to visit this project quite easily.

From Islamabad International Airport, the distance of the housing project is also quite close. The distance is around 31 min if you go in the car. Furthermore, no one can deny the fact that a project close to the airport is like a cherry on top. This is something that plays a key role in convincing investors to invest in a project.

From Rawalpindi, the distance is also close, as we already mentioned above. The drive is only 32 min. Remember, Rawalpindi is also a big and major city in Pakistan, and the housing projects’ close proximity to this city will surely be advantageous.

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Perks of Investing in a Project That Comes with Promising Features

Now that we have established the fact that Blue World City is an accessible real estate venture. Lets us discuss why location is a key factor for real estate projects: 

1.Educational Opportunities
2.Close Access to Amenities
3.More Diverse Transportation Services
4.Future Appreciation Potential
5.Better Commercial Options

Wrapping it UP

Blue World City Islamabad is a magnificent project that promises comfort and luxury at affordable rates. Thus, it is best to stay updated and aligned with the location of Blue World City against significant landmarks. For further updates, stay connected with Property Street!

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