Best Business in Pakistan with 10 20 and 50 Lakhs in 2023

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Pakistan is one of the fastest-growing economies in South Asia. With a growing population and a better way of life, it is brimming with opportunities. There are vast pockets of opportunities and businesses with great depth. 

It is the land of fertile fields, mountains, rivers, and forests that can easily attract everyone across the globe. If you have been looking for the best business investment ideas in Pakistan with only Rs. 20 lakhs in investment in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. The following are the best businesses in Pakistan with 20 lakhs

1. The Real Estate Industry
2. Travel Consulting
3. Talent acquisition and recruitment firm
4. Photographic Services
5. Event Management
6. Invest in a tech startup
7. Make an e-commerce platform available
8. Start a healthcare company
9. Creating apps
10. Create a social media marketing firm.

The Real Estate Industry

Real estate has proven to be one of the most promising and progressing investment options over the last ten years. However, the trends have been changing in the real estate sector because most Pakistanis are moving to urban areas from rural regions. This is why it is more profitable and within your budget range.

The business can be started for as little as 5 lakhs and scaled up to 20 lakhs depending on the number of offices, staff, and equipment added. Furthermore, with an investment of Rs. 20 lahks, it is the best business in Pakistan. 

Travel Consultation

Travel agencies and travel consulting are less well-known business opportunities than other types of investments. Still, travel consulting is a growing business that has the chance to grow in the years to come. People in Pakistan travel a lot; according to online statistics, in the last ten years, there has been a huge increase in people traveling abroad and acquiring jobs and student visas.

This is why travel consultation is booming; this is the right time to invest in travel consulting. The travel consulting business is worth between Rs 10 and Rs 20 lakhs, but with the rapid growth of travel, you will not be disappointed. 

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Firm

The business opportunity that is third on our list is a talent acquisition and recruitment firm that can be started with Rs. 20 lacks. However, there are a lot more recruitment agencies working across the globe and earning a significant income, such as Indeed, Rozee, Mustaqbil, and many more.

Talent acquisition and recruitment firms are one of the unique and new ideas in the market in Pakistan. This is why the market is still deep; you can invest and make a reasonable profit. 

Photographic Services

The introduction of the smartphone has transformed people’s perception of photography. However, people are more intent on taking photographs with their smartphones, but it can’t replace the charisma of professional photography. 

The usage of photographic services has increased as people are posting their photographs on social media platforms more frequently. The photographic services can be hired to make posts for Instagram, Facebook, website images, and event photographs. The cost of starting a photography business can range from Rs. 5 lahks to Rs. 20 lahks, depending on the camera, lenses, drones, studio, and equipment used. 

Event Management

Event management is not a new term to any of us. With the rapid development of urban and rural lifestyles, people don’t have the time or equipment to organize events on their own. This is where event management comes into play. The event management business could start with 10 lakhs and grow to 20 lakhs, but you can increase your investment to reap more benefits. An event management firm is responsible for conducting the event within the client’s demand and budget, such as weddings, seminars, dinners, lunches, parties, etc.

If you are looking to make a rapid and permanent source of income, then event management is your way to invest in Pakistan. 

Invest in a tech startup:

There was a time when technology and technology-based equipment were not available in Pakistan. Since technology and computers were introduced, Pakistan has been one of the most active and productive countries in South Asia and around the world when it comes to technology-based services. In Pakistan, starting a tech-based business would not cost more than ten lakh rupees. By creating a tech startup, you can create websites, applications, web-based applications, and so on. 

An E-commerce Platform

The growth of the internet and the fact that most people now have smartphones have made it easier for people to start their businesses. This is where people are more comfortable shopping online rather than shopping in the markets physically. An e-commerce platform will not cost you more than Rs 5 lakh. But putting your product on your e-commerce platform is the biggest problem.

But putting your product on your e-commerce platform is the biggest problem. There are a lot more e-commerce platforms earning billions every year, such as Amazon, Alibaba, Ali Express, Daraz, GrocerApp, Souq, etc. If you’re looking for a unique and long-term way to earn money in Pakistan, creating an e-commerce platform is the way to go. 

Start a Healthcare Business

The healthcare business in Pakistan is one of the best places to invest Rs. 20 lakh because it is growing and has a lot of potential. The healthcare industry is growing at a breakneck pace, which is why there is a huge depth to investing in the healthcare sector. However, there are several healthcare business ideas that you may follow for your business, such as pharmacies, laboratories, etc.

Before choosing a healthcare business idea, make sure it suits you. Starting a healthcare business is a great option if you are looking for a business idea that has a lot of potential in Pakistan.

Creating Apps

The introduction of smartphones has taken the market to the next level. You don’t have to talk to the vendors directly anymore because you can just log in to their online application and ask your question. A lot more companies have established their apps to offer a more rapid and smooth response to their valued customers.

For instance, you can book your flights online, book tickets for movies, and do your shopping online. Although most businesses have not yet moved their operations online, there is plenty of room for you to invest in this industry. This could be started by hiring an application developer; a team of 2–3 people would work on this with an initial investment of around Rs. 5 lakh. 

Create a Social Media Marketing Firm

Social media has become one of the most incredible platforms that engages more people around the globe. People have become more social these days, especially because they love to share their moments with their family and friends. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are some examples of social media platforms.

As more people interact with these platforms, it is a good idea for you to establish a social media marketing firm. A social media marketing firm can be established in five months. 




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