Askari 10 Lahore House for Sale

In Lahore when people look for houses for sale, they always have options. However, the only issue they face is affordability or sometimes they need help to get a home that has everything they desire.

But these are the little matters, and no one should get worried a lot. So, are you planning to buy a house in Askari 10? If so, allow us to tell you that in Askari 10 Lahore house for sale are available. The properties are of different sizes and even the rates are stable.

But before getting into the details, such as rates and sizes, why not learn a bit about the Askari 10 Lahore itself? Such as the available sectors in this housing project or whether it is the best to invest or not.

Why is Askari 10 Lahore the Right Place to Invest in?

Askari 10 is a dream location for residents in Lahore. Located at the center of Lahore this one has four promising sectors.

  • Sector A
  • Sector B
  • Sector C
  • Sector D

This central location in Lahore promises and gives Askari 10 the edge over all other points. It offers leading and world-class educational opportunities for students. Some of the most sought-after schools in the whole of Lahore which are located here are given below:

  • Lahore Grammar School
  • Beaconhouse School
  • Rangers Public School

Ask any parent, and all of these educational institutes are their dream schools for their children.

Moving further, the society also offers community engagement and resident interaction in the form of close and mini markets. Society is also very safe and sound. This is because of the presence of close-circuit cameras and manual patrolling.

From stunning and lush parks to the presence of Niazi Allied Hospital, society checks all the necessary boxes for a better lifestyle.

The above-presented argument rightfully dictates that this society is the perfect fit for investment in Lahore.

Types of Askari 10 Lahore House for Sale

People who are searching for ‘Askari 10 Lahore House for Sale, tend to look out for various sorts of healthy options. The most common searches are for 10 to 12 Marla houses. Here are some of the types of houses in Askari 10 that are often up for sale:

  • Separate Houses
  • Single Portion Houses
  • Double Storey Houses

The house that you are looking for is determined by the number of family members, the area preferences, and the aspect of personal requirements.

Accessibility of Askari 10 Lahore

Before investment, a common query is the accessibility and connectivity with the rest of the city. It is a necessary question to ask and an important one while you are out there searching for Askari 10 Lahore House for Sale.

  • Located 4.8 km away from Allama Iqbal International Airport
  • Located 5.7 km away DHA Phase 8 Ex Park View
  • Located 4 km away Army Museum Lahore
  • Located at 5.7 km Imperial Mall
  • Located 7 km away from Mall of Lahore
  • Located at 7.4 km away from CMH Lahore
  • Located 5.7 km away University of South Asia
  • Located 4.2 km away from Punjab Rangers Teaching Hospital
  • Located 3.4 km away from Garrison Medical Center
  • Located 3.4 km away from Smart City Lahore

Know a Bit About the Price Trends in Askari 10

You can rest assured about one thing in Askari 10 which is that the house prices do not fluctuate drastically in this area. The prices for houses in all capacities tend to stay stable for a long period of time. But make sure to keep in mind that you might encounter variations in prices because of the house types, structure, size, and condition.

In case you are looking for a 10 marla house in Askari 10 your budget should be around 2-3 crore. In another case scenario, if you wish to acquire a 1 Kanal house in Askari 10 your budget needs to be above 4 crores.

The Bottom Line

Known as an established neighborhood, Askari 10 is the perfect place to settle today. This one is also nearby some of the other promising housing societies. Therefore, if you are thinking of investing here by searching for an Askari 10 house for sale, you won’t regret that!

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