Ali Town Lahore Punjab – An Affordable and Secure Area for Living

There is no doubt in the fact that Lahore is going way ahead of other cities when it comes to comfortable yet secure residential spaces. So, if you are searching for your dream home for a long time, there is a high possibility you will find it in Lahore. Here not only are several options available but you are also able to find everything within the budget.

The biggest example of it is Ali Town Lahore. It is a project of Punjab Developers and is approved by LDA. LDA stands for Lahore Development Authority.

The developers of this project have done a lot to make this project a success. They have focused on the infrastructure, so it is able to compete with housing projects such as Lahore Smart City.

As per the management, those who are living in Ali Town will enjoy every facility, be it basic or modern. This is something that enhances the experience of the residents.

Who Are Ali Town Lahore Developers?

As mentioned before, Ali Town Lahore is a project of Punjab Developers. They have a team who are experts in their respective fields. Allow us to tell you that the team includes architects, engineers, and so on.


Now you might be wondering whether Ali Town is the only project of Punjab Developers or if they have worked on other projects too. The answer to this question is simple! Yes, they have other projects, and all are a huge success. The projects are:

Ahmed Town
Hamza Town
Al-Rehman Street
Al-Rehman Town
Eifel Town
Allama Iqbal Town

Is Ali Town Lahore NOC Approved?

To get the attention of the investors, it is essential for a housing project to get NOC approval. The Punjab Developers know this well, so before doing anything else they applied for the NOC and are now approved by the LDA. Not only this but the other relevant documents are also approved.

We’d also like to mention here that Ali Town is considered the oldest housing project in Lahore. It gets its NOC approval way back in 1983 on 23rd April.

What Is Ali Town Lahore Location?

Now moving to Ali Town Lahore Punjab location, it is very ideal. The housing scheme is situated at the best and most famous known as Raiwind Road. Due to its existence on Raiwind Road, this housing project has become accessible in multiple ways.

Ali Town Lahore Map

Is It Accessible?

As you have learned about the location, surely you will get an idea that it is accessible. The details are:

M-2 Motorway Is Nearby
Close to Lahore Ring Road
From Johar Town – 5 Minutes Away
From Canal Road – 2 Kilometers Away
Grand Trunk Road – 2 Kilometers Away
From Wapda Town – 4 Kilometers Away
From Valencia – 6 Kilometers Away

What Are Nearby Places & Landmarks?

Now moving on to the closeby places and landmarks, the details are:

Irrigation Colony
Eden Canal Villas
Muhafiz Town
Gulbahar Housing Society
Gulshan Town|
Judicial Colony
Gulzar Town
Kibria Town
Johar Town
Sultan Town

What Is Ali Town Lahore Master Plan?

The master plan of any housing project holds a lot of importance. So, whenever the time comes to design the master plan, the entire management ensures not to make any mistakes. Similar is the case with Ali Town. Even though the project was launched many years back, still everything was designed and planned with utmost care.

Not only the residential plots are available in multiple sizes, but the commercial space is also there. Moreover, facilities such as the availability of gas, water & electricity are there. The roads are wide. Furthermore, green spaces are also available. In short, within the housing project premises, you find everything needed.

Available Residential Plots in Ali Town Lahore Punjab

The available plot sizes in the housing project are:

3 Marla
4 Marla
5 Marla
8 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal

Ali Town Lahore Payment Plan

So, are you planning to invest in this project? If so, surely you would like to get an idea about the rates and for that, you don’t have to go anywhere else, as we got you covered. Have a look at the details!

Plot Size Plot Rates
3 Marla PKR 36 to 50 Lac
4 Marla PKR 48 to 60 Lac
5 Marla PKR 60 to 63 Lac
8 Marla PKR 60 Lac to 1.2 Crore
10 Marla PKR 1 to 1.5 Crore
1 Kanal PKR 4 to 4.25 Crore

Rent of Available House in Ali Town Lahore

If you are not planning to buy a property but rent one, allow us to tell you that this option is also available in Lahore’s Ali Town. There is no need to worry much about the budget as the options available are quite budget-friendly. The options are:

Plot Size Plot Rates
5 Marla Starts from PKR 25,000
7 Marla Starts from PKR 30,000
10 Marla From PKR 40,000 to PKR 50,000

Few of the Salient Features & Amenities of Ali Town Lahore Punjab

Here are some of the main features of Ai Town Lahore that make it a promising addition to Lahore’s real estate sector.

Healthcare Centers

Health is a basic necessity that cannot be ignored. That is why when people are investing in real estate projects, they tend to look out for those projects which offer good healthcare facilities. Listed below are some of the hospitals that are located in Ali Town Lahore:

Lifecare Hospital
Union Hospital
Mumtaz Bakhtawar Hospital
Shaikh Zayed Hospital
Farooq Hospital


Another need of people is to engage in healthy activities in their leisure time. That is why they also seek such projects which tend to present a blend of lush and green spaces.

The following parks are in close proximity to Ali Town Lahore:

Judicial Colony Park
Family Park
Society Family Park
A Block Park
Jasmine Park


For every Muslim, a mosque is a sacred place where they can offer their prayers and hold other religious gatherings. The mosques that are closer to society and offer wide spacious places for community gatherings are as follows:

Masjid Al-Noor
Jamia Masjid Shah Jamaat
Fatima Masjid

Educational Institutes

Education is something that no parent will ever compromise on. This is one of the main reasons why people tend to invest in those areas which come with the prospects of better educational opportunities.

The Smart School
Pride Public High School
Allied School, Touheed Campus
The Educators nearby College Road
The Punjab School|
Roots International School
The City School
The Educators, Valencia

Banks and ATMs

Banks are another important place because they offer quick access to the financial dealings of a person. Therefore, having access to these banks and ATMs is the need of the hour. Some of the banks that are located in the nearby vicinity of Ali Town are as follows:

Askari Bank
Bank of Punjab (BOP)
Soneri Bank
Bank of Khyber
Bank Al-Habib
Faysal Bank Limited
Meezan Bank
Allied Bank Limited
Habib Bank Limited (HBL)


Restaurants and good dining options are an underrated yet important life facility that is often overlooked. But the developers of this housing society have kept the location of this one accessible so that all such facilities are nearby.

Some high-quality restaurants are as follows:

Gourmet Foods
Bundu Khan Sweets and Bakers
Al-Ameer Bakery
AK47 Shawarma
Madina Tea Stall
Zam Zam Restaurant and Café
Fri Chicks
Usama City

24/7 Availability of Resources

Those who are living in Ali Town Lahore will have an uninterrupted supply of the most basic and world-class facilities such as water, gas, and electricity. The developers of society are leaving no stone unturned to promise the residents ease and safety.

Carpeted Roads

Another promising perk of this society is that the roads of the project are wide. Wide roads are a premium perk that is often overlooked. The presence of carpeted roads leads to ease in commute and lesser burden on the maintenance of the vehicle.

Waste Disposal System

Ali Town Lahore is not just a fancy name. The developers of the society are also planning to ensure that the society boosts a waste disposal system that is society-centric. This sort of facility is what makes this society a sought-after venture.

Top Advantages of Investing in Ali Town Lahore

Wondering what is in the store if you end up investing in Ali Town Lahore? Here are some key points that will assure you why it is worth every penny of your hard earned money.

Legal Housing Society

One of the biggest advantages associated with this housing society is that it is a legally approved real estate project. Ali Town Lahore has received a green signal from the authorities. That is why investing in this project will surely benefit you in the future.

Sewage and Drainage System

The developers of the society have added a sophisticated underground sewage and drainage system to the master plan of the housing society. The presence of such top-notch facilities is what increases the investment worth of this project.

Prime Location

Another perk of investment in this society is that it is located at one of the most desirable locations in Lahore. Ali Town Lahore is located at Raiwind Road. This point connects Lahore to all the major trading centers and various other housing societies. Hence promising a long-term and healthy real estate venture.

Stable Passive Income

No one can deny the security that a real estate investment brings to the table. It is easily the most prominent and stable source of income generation that requires little investment. Therefore investment in a real estate project like Ali Town Lahore is bound to produce a healthy stream of income.

Spacious Society

The master plan of the society is a clear indication of the fact that this one is for all those who are seeking high-quality residential opportunities at affordable rates. The rooms, apartments, and other residential options in the society are spacious. Moreover, this one also comes with wide commercial spaces.

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Ali Town Lahore is not just a name. It is a state-of-the-art living experience that promises ease and breathes new life into the whole cityscape of Lahore. It is premium and sophisticated and offers quality real estate at an affordable price.

Need more information or want to book a plot, contact Property Street!


What Is the Location of Ali Town Lahore?

Ali Town Lahore is located on Raiwind Road.

Who Are the Developers of Ali Town Lahore?

Ali Town Lahore is a project of Punjab Developers.

Is Ali Town Lahore a Legal Housing Society?

Yes, it has received its NOC from LDA.

Is Ali Town Lahore an Affordable Housing Scheme?

Ali Town Lahore is an affordable housing society that comes with easy-to-follow installments.


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