7 Marla House Design & Plan in Pakistan

7 Marla House Design & Plan In Pakistan Architecture

Well, you have recently bought a 7 Marla plot and now you are planning to build your family home. However, when it comes to designing a house, you struggle. It is because there are so many options available in the market.

Well, we understand how much of a struggle it is for you. But there is no need to worry at all. All you need to do is understand a few things before starting to design your 7 Marla house.

The Budget You Are Willing to Spend
Number of Bedrooms Required
Number of Floors
Maintenance Expenses You Might Have to Spend in the Future
Moreover, Don’t Overlook the Safety and Security

7 Marla House Plan

Now before moving into the details of the 7 Marla house design, it is important to understand what Marla is. And how much is square feet 7 Marla?

Well, Marla is a traditional unit mainly used in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan to measure land.

Now if you want to know how much Square Foot 7 Marla is? Allow us to tell you that it is equal to 1905.75.

Floor Plan A

Terrace  Number of Floors Bedrooms Bathrooms Patio Garage  Storage Rooms
Yes 3 5 6 Yes Yes 3

Ground Floor

7 Marla is a lot of space if done and used right. First things first, upon entrance you will witness a garage. The garage will have a parallel washroom. This bathroom is located outside the main house premises. This means that one can clean their hands before coming inside the house.

Now the front door will take you straight to a drawing room. This drawing room is rather disconnected from the rest of the house. Then comes an attached bath. This bath can be used by the house guests and is reserved for them. There is a kitchen located in the parallel direction from the drawing room. Moving along the journey to the far end of the ground floor there is a bedroom with an attached bath.

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If we move along the bedroom there is a small room which can be used as a storage space.

First Floor

From the drawing-room, there is an adjacent staircase that takes you straight to a lounge area located on the first floor. At the end of the lounge area, there are two bedrooms located side by side, both with an attached bath. This floor also has a terrace located outside the master bedroom. Then comes a storage room and a patio.

Second Floor

The second floor of this 7-marla house design has a room on the second floor, as well as a storage space and an attached bath as well. Overall this house design can be best used by someone who is living in a joint family system.

Floor Plan B

Terrace  Number of Floors Bedrooms Bathrooms Patio Garage  Storage Rooms
Yes 2 5 5 Yes Yes 2

Ground Floor

This 7-marla house design offers two floors. The ground floor is pretty much like the above-mentioned ground floor. The main entrance takes you to a garage and a small front lawn. Then comes a TV lounge with an attached bathroom. This room is not walled and can be extended to the liking of the residents. You can try to install curtains to separate the area. Then comes two bedrooms, both with an attached bathroom. In addition to all this, the ground floor also has a storage room.

First Floor

Take the staircase and reach the first floor. There are three rooms present on the first floor. Two have attached baths while the other bathroom is present at a rather far location. The floor has a shared terrace which can be entered from both rooms. The frst floor also have a wide sitting area.

Floor Plan C

Terrace  Number of Floors Bedrooms Bathrooms Patio Garage  Storage Rooms
Yes 3 6 6 Yes Yes  3

Ground Floor

This stunning 7-marla house design has all the elements of a large, spacious, and extended space for a family. This house design not only provides exclusivity but also gives ample space to everyone so that they can adjust accordingly.

With a main garage, you enter a small hallway, which takes you to a large area where two rooms are located, parallel to one another. The rooms are walled. The main area can either be used as a drawing room or as a TV area. This main hall also contains a bathroom which can be used by the guests.

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First Floor

The first floor contains a large sitting area. And a single room with an attached bath. This floor can be used to host family functions and can also have a dining table aligned with the kitchen that is located on the south side of the floor. The single room on the floor comes with a terrace view of the front as well.

Second Floor

The second floor of the 7 marla house design has two rooms adjacent to one another. These rooms have attached baths as well. Then comes a storage space to tackle the necessary items so that your house can remain decluttered as well.

Floor Plan D

Terrace  Number of floors Bedrooms Bathrooms Patio Garage  Storage Rooms
Yes 2 4 5 Yes Yes 2

Ground Floor

This 7 Marla house design has 2 floors. The ground floor has all the elements necessary such as a garage, drawing room., spacious entrance, and two bedrooms. One bedroom has an attached bath while the other bath is located outside the drawing room. Then comes a kitchen and a small dining space. This floor also has a storage room that is located at the north side of the house. Then comes a staircase that takes you to the first floor.

First Floor

The first floor of this 7 Marla house plan starts with a master bedroom which also comes with a terrace. Then comes a lounge. The lounge is without any walls which means that the customization of this space is highly dependent on the residents. You can either transform this space into a house theater or can use this one as a place to sit together and chat at night. Then comes the last room of the house with an attached bath. This floor also has a storage room located right next to the last room.

The Bottom Line!

The aforementioned 7 Marla house plans are some of the most common ones. These designs promise everything from a wide and spacious house experience to luxurious amenities as well.

You can also ask your interior designers of the house to craft a 7 Marla House Design 3D

 So that you can better understand how your house will turn out at the end of the day.

If you are in need of state-of-the-art infrastructure assistance, you can reach out to Property Street.

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