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A Perfect Family Home – 1190 Square Feet House Plan

1190 square feet can be best described by laymen as a 5-Marla space. A 5-Marla space is considered to be one of the best fits for a family of almost 5 to 6 members. So if you have that many family members, then having a suitable house design is what you are looking for. 

But look no further, as we have compiled a guide that will be helpful in such a regard. Stay tuned and acquire a lot of information!

We will divide these plans into plan A and plan B for your convenience. 

Floor Plan A – 1190 Square Feet House Plan

Total area coverage = 1190 square feet

1. Number of Floors = 2
2. Number of Bedrooms = 6
3. Number of Bathrooms = 4
4. Number of Kitchens = 2
5. Number of Terraces = 1
6. Extra Room for Storage
7. No Backyard or Garden


1190 square feet house plan

Ground Floor Plan for a 5 Marla, 1190 Square Feet House

This house plan is a 5 Marla masterpiece that is accommodating, operational, fully functional, and desirable in every context. This one comes up with a garage that provides the option for two-way entries in the house. Furthermore, it also provides you with a straight entry to the upper floors of the house. It does so through the availability of the outdoor staircase. 

Then comes the drawing room on the ground floor, which is a separate entity and is not connected to the rest of the house to ensure exclusive and private space for gatherings. 

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But in case you are looking for wide spaces to entertain more guests, you can widen the wall so that you can cater to a large number of guests at your house. 

In accordance with this plan, if you are making an entrance to the house, you will land straight to the 255 square feet lounge, which is connected to a kitchen and then a bathroom. Then comes the bedroom and a bedroom. 

A drawback of this plan is that it does not offer an area for the backyard but makes good use of the rest of the space. 

First Floor of the 1190 Square Feet House

Now that you have reached the first floor, this plan offers 64 square feet of sitting area that connects with two bedrooms. Then there is a bathroom as well. The stand-out feature of this plan is that it boasts not one but two separate kitchens on both floors, which is an additional plus. 

Another striking feature of this floor plan is that it has a terrace and a storage area for all your stuff and additional accessories. 

So whether you are looking to rent your space, this one offers two separate floors, which can be rented out to two separate families. 

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Floor Plan B – 1190 Square Feet House Plan

The total area covered = 1190 square feet

1. Number of bedrooms = 3
2. Number of bathrooms = 3
3. Number of kitchens = 1
4. Terrace = 0
5. A storage room
6. A backyard

Ground Floor Plan B for 1190 Square Feet House

Although the number of rooms in this one is less, they are spacious and wide. For example, in the starting, we have a garage that opens the door to a wide living area. The ground floor in this plan has an entertainment area, a drawing room, and of course, a kitchen as well.

Then comes the stairs to the first floor, which has a bedroom and an attached bath. This one also has a connection with the backyard. In case you want to have partitions within the rooms, you can do so by installing temporary curtains or separations. 

First Floor Plan B for 1190 Square Feet House

Then comes the first floor. On the first floor, you have a lounge (sitting area) as well as a storage space. Bedrooms are present at the back and front of the house with attached baths. This floor plan does not entertain the presence of a terrace. But it comes with another twist, and that is a backyard. So those who are missing out on a terrace can make the best possible use of a backyard. 

Wrapping it UP!

These above-mentioned house designs are there to aid you in planning a house. You can draw inspiration from these or construct a plan that connects with your dream house the most, your choice!






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