1 Kanal House Design

1 Kanal is a huge space. So, when the time comes to design the floor plan of 1 Kanal, a lot of planning is needed. As an owner, you need to have information about everything. Relying on the experts for everything entirely is not a good idea.
First thing first you should know that 1 Kanal is enough space for a huge family. For example, if you have 10 to 15 family members, having a Kanal home is like a blessing.
If you are struggling to understand everything related to 1 Kanal house design, it is better to take help from an expert. They will understand all your needs and come up with the plan that fits best with your current and future needs and even the budget.
Down below we are going to share a few floor plans of 1 Kanal house. You may like them or may want to modify them a bit. In case you need modification, we can do it for you.

Floor Plan A

Total Area  Ground Floor Area   First Floor  Bedrooms  Bathrooms Terraces  Servant Quarter  Storage Room 
4,836 Square Feet 2,418 Square Feet 2, 418 Square Feet 5 6 1 Yes  1

Ground Floor

The ground floor of Floor Plan A will have a drawing room that is going to be right next to the entrance. This is the most convenient design for everyone. It is because if some guests come over, you are able to maintain the privacy of other family members.
Other than the drawing room the other important room that must be on the ground floor is the dining room that will be connected to the lounge area and even the main kitchen. For privacy, you can use curtains to separate the dining room from other rooms in case needed.
To increase the aesthetics of the lounge, you can even attach it to the side lawn. The ground floor will also have 3 bedrooms along with attached bathrooms. Now we would like to tell you that the 2-bedroom on the ground floor will share one bathroom, and the other room will have its own separate.
You will also find one store room, laundry room, and guest bathroom on the ground floor.
In the back of the house, you will also find a staircase that will lead you directly to the servant quarter. Moreover, there is going to be a narrow passage that will connect the front and backyard of the house.

First Floor

Now moving on to the first floor, here you will find a huge terrace, 3 bedrooms, each with its own attached bathroom, a sitting area, a kitchen, and even a store room.
Now, we’d also like to tell you that the sitting area will connect to a small terrace and a library option will be there on the first floor too.

Floor Plan B

Total Area  Area Covered on Ground Floor  First Floor  Bedrooms  Bathrooms Terraces  Servant Quarter  Storage Room 
4,918 Square Feet 2,854 Square Feet 2,064 Square Feet 5 6 2 Yes 0

Ground Floor

This is a piece of good news for all lawn lovers. This 1 Kanal House design comes with the prospects of a front lawn. After the entry gate, there is a garage that leads to a front lawn. Then comes the lobby area, a drawing room. On the back side of the drawing-room, there is a dining area and a bathroom. The lobby area comes with a staircase as well as an entrance to the lounge.

First Floor

Take the stairs from the lobby and reach the first floor. You will have access to a bedroom, an attached bath, and a front terrace. Then comes the central sitting area which will also have a side terrace and a kitchen. Next to this is a bedroom, coupled with a dressing area and of course a bathroom. The first floor also has a last bedroom with an attached bath and a side terrace. You can only access this side of the house via a spiral staircase located at the back of the property.

Floor Plan C

Total Area  Area Covered on Ground Floor  First Floor  Bedrooms  Bathrooms Terraces  Servant Quarter  Storage Room 
4,710 Square Feet 2,660 Square Feet 2,050 Square Feet 4 4 2 Yes 3

Ground Floor

If there is a 1 Kanal House design that is luxurious, grand, and extravagant, it is this one. From the covered area to the planning of the house, everything screams grand. The front lawn comes with an exotic and wide garage. Then the main entrance takes you straight to the lobby which contains a spiral staircase to the first floor. The left side of the lobby contains a drawing room, an open living space, and a dining area which also comes with a lounge.
The back of the house is a private space, dedicated to the bedrooms and bathrooms. The lobby also leads you to a kitchen and a storage area. All of this also takes you to a spiral staircase and a wide passage

First Floor

Now comes the first floor of the house. The first floor also dedicates a space for your friends and family. The first floor also has a kitchen and a private terrace, a dining area, and a storage area. The back of the storage room leads you to two bedrooms. Keep in mind that the majority of the layout is the same as the ground floor.
The staircase also leads to the servant quarter and a bathroom. You can also access this area via the side stairs. This house plan can work effectively as a separate rental unit as well.

Floor Plan D

Total Area  Area Covered on Ground Floor  First Floor  Bedrooms  Bathrooms Terraces  Servant Quarter  Storage Room 
4,031 Square Feet 2,212 Square Feet 1,819 Square Feet 4 5 2 Yes 1

Ground Floor

If you are an extrovert and love to host lush and grand parties then this ground floor is for you all. This 1 Kanal house design offers a luxurious entrance that leads directly to a spacious drawing room, a dining area, and a bathroom.
The main lobby of this 1 Kanal house design takes you directly to the kitchen area, then comes the first bedroom with an attached bathroom. The stairs of this house plan are longer and this leads to the upper floor with a spiral staircase.

First Floor

The first floor is as grand as the ground floor. You will enter a bedroom that has an attached bathroom. Then a staircase will lead you to a terrace. In the front, you have a storage area. As there are two entrances to the first floor, the second door will lead to a sitting area. Then comes the bedroom and an attached bath. The second terrace is for the overall house aesthetic look.

What do the Experts Have to Say?

The above-mentioned 1 Kanal house designs are a helpful guide for people who are searching for house designs. These are experts’ proven designs. But you as a house owner are a master of your craft. You can draw references from these designs but if you want to plan out your own space, you can do so

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