Palm City Gujranwala


Palm City Gujranwala - A Grandeur Project in the “City of Wrestlers”

Gujranwala is a city located in Punjab. It is also the capital of Gujranwala Division. The Gujranwala City is also known as the “City of Wrestlers.” One of the famous and unbeatable wrestlers of this city was Reheem Sultani. He beat the Great Gama and get the title of “Rustum Hind” or in other words the “The Lion Of India.” Furthermore, the city is also known for its food.
However, surely for now, you are not here to learn all this, as you are interested in investing in this city and looking for a great opportunity. Well, if this is the case, Gujranwala has a fantastic option for you.
Palm City Gujranwala is a housing project that was recently launched. The society has every feature, amenity, and investment option. This is something that makes it the best and most in-demand housing project. The Royal Palm City Gujranwala is owned by Aujla and Associates Town Developers.
The project is designed very nicely. From the master plan to the payment plan, everything is designed by the management, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the clients and investors.
Even the location of this project is supreme. So, if you are investing in this project to make your dream home, surely accessibility is not going to be an issue for you. Also, around the project, everything is available, from health facilities to education institutes, retail shops, and so on.

Owner & Developer

Palm City Gujranwala Developers & Owners

We have mentioned before, but allow us to tell you once again that Palm City Gujranwala developers are Aujla and Associates Town Developers. They have done a great job ensuring the availability of luxury, comfort, and modernism. Also, the track record of developers is quite good. They never compromise on quality. For the construction of roads, mosques, and other things quality material is used. The infrastructure is also world-class, and the developers ensure the availability of basic things, such as water, electricity, and gas. Also, the developers are confident that this project will be known as the most developed and the best project of Gujranwala.

Royal Palm City Gujranwala Location

The location of any real estate project matters the most. This is one trait that can bring a change in the decision of an investor. For example, if the location is not ideal as per the choice of property, the investor might avoid making an investment. However, if the location is the best in every manner, the investor can ignore other traits.
The management of the Royal Palm City Gujranwala understands the importance of location. Considering this, they have chosen a location that is ideal and easy to access. The housing project is located on the main GT Road.
Also, it is easy to access universities, schools, shops, and other places with ease from this project. This means as a future resident, you will not face trouble of any kind in the commute.
The other advantage the location provides to this project is that it is surrounded by multiple other projects such as Emanabad, Citi Housing Gujranwala, and Faisal Colony.

Palm City Gujranwala Master Plan

It is essential to learn about the master plan of any project. As it allows the investors to find out whether their investment in the project will allow them to earn a profit or not.
Now, if we talk about the Palm City Gujranwala master plan, why not first learn about the area of it? The project is to expand over 4000 Kanal. As you can tell the area is huge, and surely the investment option is going to be multiple too.
Here you can find properties of multiple sizes, be it commercial or residential. Also, international standard schools, well-equipped hospitals, malls with top brands, parks, and other facilities are going to be within the society.
Lastly, if we tell you about the property rates available in this housing project, the rates are affordable. If you want to learn the details, check the next heading.

Payment Plan

Royal Palm City Gujranwala Payment Plan

As mentioned above, the society is offering plots of different sizes. It simply means the rate of each property is not going to be the same. The rates will differ as per plot size, placement, and so on. However, the one good thing that is done by the management is, they have designed the Royal Palm City Gujranwala payment plan keeping in mind the ease and affordability of clients and investors. If you look at the payment plan, you will come to the conclusion that the rates are reasonable as compared to the other projects.


Palm City Gujranwala Residential Plot Prices

Palm City Gujranwala Residential plot prices are very reasonable but before that, it is better to learn about plot sizes, right? So the residential plot sizes are:
✔ 5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla
✔ 1 Kanal
✔ 2 Kanal
Now moving on to the cost, the plot rates are beginning from PKR 1,825,000 and will go up to PKR 10,600,000.


Palm City Gujranwala Commercial Plot Prices

Well, the information regarding commercial plots is not yet revealed by the management. This is the reason Palm City Gujranwala commercial plot prices are also not available anywhere.
However, as soon as any news comes out from the management, we will update you accordingly.

Plot Price Total Amount 14 Quarterly Installments Booking Price
5 Marla PKR 1,825,000 PKR 215,000 PKR 115,000
10 Marla PKR 3,225,000 PKR 425,000 PKR 200,000
1 Kanal PKR 5,650,000 PKR 610,000 PKR 360,000
2 Kanal PKR 10,600,000 PKR 1,080,000 PKR 680,000

Why Investing in a Palm City Gujranwala Is a Good Idea?

It is highly understandable if people are curious about the prospects of investing in a project such as Palm City Gujranwala. Here are some of the main reasons why people should invest in such a project:

Location Prospects

The society is situated in one of the main locations in the city. It is located on the main GT Road. This is hands down of the best locations and areas in the city. Moreover, it is not a hidden fact that people are always curious about the location of a project. And if the location is also a major concern for you, then you do not need to worry as society has hit it out of the park in this context.
This road connects this society in the following areas:
Transportation Spots
Shopping Malls
Wide Roads
This connectivity is what enhances the overall charm and investment potential of the project. Not only it encourages investors to spend on this project but also allows people to enjoy the perks of a better location as well.

Affordable Payment Plan

In these times when inflation is breaking the backbone of the people, finding a real estate project that is affordable and fits all of the standards of a better lifestyle is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That is why a project like Palm City Gujranwala is making headlines for all the right reasons.
Palm City Gujranwala boosts and projects a payment plan which provides an affordable solution for people who are yearning to make a real estate investment. From payment plans to installment policies, society is ensuring that the residents and investors are able to secure huge returns on small investments.
The developers of the project have paid special attention to maintaining the integrity of the project while ensuring that the payment plan remains relevant and cost-effective for people of all classes.


Another thing that people are often curious about is the developers of any project. Developers are the name behind any project which sets the pace of any project and determines the market value of the project as well.
In terms of market repute, the developers of this one are the best in the market. Aujila and Associates are the names behind this project. The developers of the project are a healthy mix of professionals who are masters of their craft.

Passive Income Generation

One of the biggest perks of a real estate project is that it generates passive income. Passive income means that a person does not have to be present on a job, all they have to do is invest in a project and that will generate them a lot of money.
The aforementioned context strongly suggests that the Palm City Gujranwala is one of the best and safest bets in this context. With a strong team at the helm of affairs and a stunning location, this is by far the most suitable venue for passive income generation.

Eco-friendly Project

Nowadays the trend of traditional real estate is dying because of the problems that this one is creating in the long run. People are embracing those societies which are promising a healthy blend of safe and secure projects from an environmental perspective.
That is where Palm City Gujranwala shines the brightest. The project is riddled with lush green spaces and natural settings which ensure a fresh mindset for the people.

Outstanding Features

Top Features of Palm City Gujranwala

Moving on to the features of Palm City Gujranwala, the details are:


The infrastructure of Palm City Gujranwala is a testament to the prowess of its dedicated team and professionals. Everything about society screams perfection. The wide road network, the landscape, the extensive lush green patches, everything about the society caters to the wide picture of a society that is providing all the basic facilities of life.

Basic Necessities

Palm City Gujranwala master plan contains the essentials such as the supply of water, gas, and electricity. The makers of the society are ensuring an unhinged and uninterrupted supply of electricity so that the residents are not able to suffer from anything in any capacity.

Parks and Playgrounds

Society is also offering the residents a chance to stay in touch with the natural elements in an era where everything is made of concrete. The masterplan of the society caters to the quest of residents for a peaceful ambiance that is hard to get around in concrete jungle-like cities. The major parts of the housing society have been arranged around lush green spaces which are offering the people a chance to click with nature.

Modern Sewerage

Society and its developers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure a habitat that promises sustainable development and also ensures that the society members are not feeling any discomfort in the process. That is why on environmental grounds the developers of the society are procuring a modern and sustainable solution that offers wastewater treatment while ensuring that no water resource or land resource is being damaged during the process.


Mosques are the basic necessities of a Muslim community. People need to visit mosques to offer their prayers before Allah Almighty. That is why the developers of the project have incorporated a state-of-the-art and holy mosque in the middle of the society so that residents from every corner of the society are able to connect with the mosque. Mosques are necessary because these places tend to host large gatherings of Muslims.

Safety and Security

Nowadays people are looking out for those ventures that offer security and safety. Families whenever they are on the lookout for residential communities tend to settle in those areas which are offering a high level of security and promise a safe residential experience for everyone. There are various measures taken up by the developers of society that promise a long-lasting and effective experience of safety and security.



There are multiple residential projects in Gujranwala, however, the arrival of Palm City Gujranwala has changed the dynamic of the entire city’s real estate industry. This project is unique and better of all. So, if you were looking for an investment opportunity for so long, your research ends here at Royal Palm City Gujranwala. Do you have any questions related to this project in your mind or do you want to book a plot as soon as possible? Well in both cases, simply contact Property Street. We are a known real estate company that provides assistance to all. Furthermore, we also deal in other real estate projects including Lahore Smart City, Capital Smart City, Blue World City Islamabad, and so on. So, if you are interested in these projects, even then give us a call!

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